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Why Buy My Products?

Go ahead. Buy that other DAC.

Go ahead. Buy it.

I dare you.

In fact, I double dare you.

Oh it has 32 bit 384KHZ sampling, 100x oversampling, 140dB noise ratio, signal shaping technology and all those other fancy ways of trying to make it sound good.

It has all those specifications you’ve been chasing and waiting for so you can finally get that smooth dynamic sound you’ve been looking for.

But does it actually sound good ?

It is free of ‘harshness’ or ‘graininess’ that can make it irritating to listen to ?

Perhaps it’s too aggressive ?

Perhaps it becomes fatiguing to listen to after an hour or so.

Many of my DACs are 16 Bit 48.1KHZ sampling devices and yet in many cases they outperform and are much more listenable then DACs costing 10 times as much.

Smoothness is probably the hardest quality to attain in any listening device.

Whether it is a power amplifier, preamplifier, turn-table or heck even some tube amplifiers just arn’t smooth.

Especially with today’s computer generated PCBs and machine manufacturing.

Sometimes even the most advanced DACs just don’t sound that good.

My DACs are handmade, hand soldered and hand assembled.

No machines. No assembly lines.

Just one person making them one by one with care and passion.

I listen to all my DACs for several hours, sometimes days before I ship them.

Do I ever get tired of listening to them ?

No, because I make them sound as good as humanly possible.

It’s what I do.

It’s what I was born to do.



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