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Finding the right balance between an accurate and dynamic sound yet still having a warm smooth sound similar to what tube audio gear sounds like was the goal of this design.

This was no easy task as one might imagine. It took several iterations of different USB – I2S – DAC combinations as well as several different brands and combinations of components to find that “magic sound” that makes anyone listening to true “audiophile” equipment smile 🙂

And smile you will, right after your jaw drops to the floor and you say “wow”. And this DAC got its name because the first time I listened to it that’s what happened to me. My jaw dropped and I said “wow”.

No joke.

And its only gotten better since that day. I still evolve this DAC using different components and even solder formulas. Gold, Silver, Zinc, Tin and yes even Lead when the application requires it.

Every single component has its own unique sonic signature. And what I do through trial and many many listening tests is throw out the bad sounding configurations and keep and enhance the amazing sounding configurations.

So here it is!

This is my highest precision USB DAC. It uses a 16 bit USB to SPDIF data converter and after that it processes that data with a 24 bit / 192 KHZ Digital Audio Converter. It is both smooth and precise. Hand made by me and soldered with an audiophile grade silver alloy solder. You’re not going to find something like this anywhere else. This is what audio enthusiasts buy when they are looking for something they can’t get anywhere else. The feedback has been overwhelmingly great!

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