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Passive Preamplifier Handmade & Soldered w Audiophile Silver Solder Maple Wood

  • 19999
  • Sale $20000 Off!

I just finished another 10K Ohm High Performance Passive Preamplifier. 

It is clear and smooth!

Is has a very "warm" sonic signature.
If your audio system suffers from "harshness" or "graininess" then this would be the preamplifier to get.
If you are considering this piece please feel free to make me a reasonable offer.
  • Two Channel Stereo
  • Input Impedance 10k Ohms
  • Separated and Isolated Channels
  • Hand Soldered with Audiophile Grade Silver Solder
  • Point-to-Point Wired - No PCB
  • Solid Maple Wood Enclosure
  • Proudly made in Canada!
If you're thinking about getting a passive preamplifier then why not get this one?
It's at least as good as any of the others and probably better then most.
The NAD power amplifier and audio cables are NOT INCLUDED!!!!

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