Solid Maple Passive Preamplifier

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This is a handmade passive preamplifier enclosed in solid Maple wood and finished with a high gloss finish.

It is stained with Minwax Expresso 273 which looks totally different under different lighting conditions.
Most of the pictures were taking in the sun, but I also took one under florescent light. Big difference in color!

It is dark like Dark Walnut or even Mocha under florescent lights. …..

I tried my best to get its’ color as close as I could, but it’s tricky with cameras and lights as it changes….

Nonetheless it looks and sounds amazing!

  • Burn-in is complete and it has been tested thoroughly.
  • Two separate volume controls.
    One for left channel and one for right channel.
  • Handmade with point to point wires and soldered with an audiophile grade silver alloy solder.
  • Very ‘airy’ ‘light’ sound. Tonally Neutral.
  • Minimal effect on the sound basically transparent.
  • As simple as any passive preamplifier could be.
  • Measures 6 by 6 by 1 and 3/4 inches approximately.


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