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Recent Feedback On Wood USB DAC

Just to write to you about the DAC I received today. Ran it through my system for 6 hrs before seriously listening to it. It is positively a very musical unit, with a wonderful balance throughout the range, rhythm and warmth without any harshness, and an extremely natural sound stage all that contribute to an experience that just beats all my other more expensive DACs hands down. This is after I changed the USB 2.0 to an oxygen free cable, and added a lead weight on top of the unit. Just a guess but I think that the solid wood housing also contributes to the warmth of the sound…which remains very engaging and non-fatiguing. In the past I have used other devices and stands in Chinese blackwood which provide the same warmth. I bought this unit initially more out of curiosity, but now can just sit back with a glass of wine, and just enjoy it and my music. Thanks. Jerry