Passive Stereo Preamplifier Made Of Solid Maple Wood and Hand Soldered

This is a hand made passive preamplifier. It is enclosed in solid Maple wood and inside it is hand soldered by “point to point” wiring all soldered with an audiophile silver alloy solder.

You can’t get anything like this anywhere else on earth.

  • Passive Stereo Preamplifier
  • Hand Soldered with Audiophile Silver Alloy Solder
  • 50 K Ohm Input Impedance – Dual Potentiometers
  • Gold Plated RCA Input & Output Jacks
  • Hand Finished Solid Maple Enclosure
  • 14cm x 14cm x 5cm
  • Weighs 370 grams

What does a passive preamplifier do?

Well it takes an input like a CD player and attenuates ( Lowers Volume ) so that it won’t drive an amplifier too hard. Basically this is a passive volume control.

Why use a passive preamplifier?

A passive preamplifier minimizes changes to the audio signal to leave the original audio signal as untouched as possible.

This preamplifier is SO GOOD at doing its job that you will never even know its in the audio path at all. It will be like its not even there. The ONLY thing that it will do is allow you to turn your volume up and down without ANY degradation of the original audio signal at all. Simple but very effective.

Many audio ‘purists’ go with passive preamplifiers because they want to keep the original audio signal as close to original as possible. They don’t want it changed or manipulated even in the slightest.

This device will do that for you.

If I’ve done my job right ( and I have ) you’ll never know this is in your audio path at all.

This PREAMPLIFIER has been sold! Thanks USA!

I will be making more and more passive preamps of all different variations and all of solid Maple wood.

Questions about this item contact me below.


How Important Is An Audio Source?

Some people think that the speakers are the most important part of a music system. While others think the amplifiers are the most important part.

Well every part of a music system is important of course but I believe that the music “source” is the most important part. Why? Because it comes first. Before anything else. Music must be represented to as close to the original as it can be. It must be clear, dynamic, free of noise and most of all it must feel real, alive and have Passion!

Yes passion! A source can definitely have passion! You can feel it when you listen to a song. Music has emotion and passion and a good source can reproduce that emotion and passion and express it through your system.

Without a good source everything after is just stagnant, dull and expressionless.

If your system doesn’t feel alive it’s dead.
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Solid Maple Wood High Fidelity USB DAC

This a beautiful hand made high fidelity usb dac. It is made out of solid yellow maple and is finished with a medium gloss coating. The circuit board inside is hand soldered with an audiophile grade silver solder and all the components are hand picked and matched. Take a look at the pictures below to really appreciate this dacs beauty!

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