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Digital Signal Proccessor Inverse RIAA Filter For Your Computer to Play Records

Digital Signal Proccessor Inverse RIAA Filter For Your Computer to Play Records

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Introducing a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for your computer designed to enhance your vinyl playback experience.

Here's how it works: Connect your MM (moving magnet cartridge) phono player to your computer's sound card stereo input, and link your speakers to your computer's stereo output jack.

Explore the versatility of this DSP by using headphones or even incorporating a microphone into your setup.

The DSP processes the input sound with inverse RIAA equalization specifically tailored for vinyl records.

Customize your audio experience by modifying or loading coefficients to adjust the filter characteristics according to your preferences.

In terms of sound quality, the DSP rivals traditional phono preamplifiers, offering a tighter bottom end and more dynamic, lively tones.

While the noise floor differs from analog preamps due to its digital nature, the unique 'digital' noise becomes inconspicuous over time.

The overall quality is contingent on your sound card and components, but it proves effective for frequent record playbacks.

To further optimize your setup, consider adding a gain booster between your turntable and computer's line input to lower the noise floor.

If you're interested, a small, clean buffer with linear characteristics is in the works!

Feel free to download the DSP from the provided link on my website. Thank you for your interest!


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