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These solid wood USB DACs ( digital audio converters ) or external USB sound cards as they are sometimes called will give your music an whole new dimension of warmth and accuracy. They will give you a listening pleasure the no other DAC will match.
These DACs are designed to be used with your computer or laptop in order to be hooked up to your stereo system or amplifier ( Amplifier with volume control ). This will give your audio files, including movies, a new dimension in listening pleasure!
These USB DACs have very warm sonic signatures which could almost be considered “dance” or “deep base”.  They are very warm, smooth and very easy to listen to. It is not uncommon for my customers to tell me that they have pulled out their entire music library and re-listened to it with a new level of joy and excitement!
Each of these DACs are handmade. The PCBs were designed for completely realism and accuracy, but more importantly these were developed to be so listenable that you can listen to you music for hours and hours without getting ” listener fatigue”. I have discovered that this fatigue is caused by a common “harshness” or “cold” sonic signature that is often accompanied by most digital audio equipment especially DACs.
This audio equipment produces no perceivable “harshness” and therefore does not cause “listener fatigue”.
This audio gear is hand assembled and hand soldered with an audiophile grade Silver alloy solder. Does this make a difference? Of course it does. Every minute detail does.
Each component on every circuit board is hand picked, hand placed and hand matched for unparalleled performance.
And for the finishing touch each PCB is placed securely inside a beautiful solid wood enclosure. These enclosures are made from solid woods like Maple, Cherry, Chestnut, Oak and others. Each of these woods have beautiful exquisite looking details. Each is unique and will be a showpiece to you audiophile audio system.
Not only do they sound amazing they look amazing too!
This is a unique audiophile masterpiece!
Each one is different and unique so if you see one you like you better get it!
This is a 16 bit two channel stereo DAC with a sampling rate of 48.1 kHz.
Powered by your computer with a USB cable (included) and has Gold plated RCA audio output connectors.
Plug & Play and any modern operating system include Windows, MAC, Linux and even some Kodi boxes.

Unique Hand Made Audio Products

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