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Solid Cherry High Fidelity USB DAC

Solid Cherry High Fidelity USB DAC

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Crafted with expertise, our Solid Cherry High Fidelity USB DAC is designed to minimize listening fatigue and provide hours of enjoyable use. It boasts a high-quality Burr Brown PCM2705C DAC chip, delivering smooth and crystal clear sound that sets it apart from other DACs. With a track record of thousands of satisfied customers, this product is a reliable choice. Get ready for fatigue-free listening with a product that has earned the trust of countless happy customers.

Our Solid Cherry High Fidelity USB DAC boasts a hand-soldered PCB, meticulously assembled and soldered by seasoned electronic engineers with over 30 years of experience in the audio manufacturing field. Each component was carefully selected for its exceptional sonic purity, proven through extensive AB listening tests conducted over the course of many years.

The sampling rate of 48.1KHz and 16-bit bit depth ensures high fidelity sound reproduction.

Effortlessly compatible with both laptops and computers for a seamless plug-and-play experience.

 Includes USB cable for your convenience.


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